15 signs that you are becoming a more confident person

Perhaps you work for a long time, but sometimes you forget to turn back to see how far you’ve reached. Although you may have a long way to go before you, it’s important to be sure of the person you are now. The following signs will help you discover whether you’ve reached so far.

1. Less concern about how people view your choices, beliefs, ideas, and expressions of thoughts and feelings. You talk when you need it, but at the same time you know that you do not have to argue with people who do not want to listen to you with respect.

2. You are not trying to show your accomplishments or constantly showing how good you are. But at the same time you do not underestimate your success and do not underestimate yourself. When you have the opportunity to talk about your work, tell what you did, how you did it, what you learned, and what you want to achieve, without behaving as if it were better than others.

3. Do not use money as a measure of success. Instead, you see them as a tool that can be improved or destroyed. You use money to improve, which means spending things that make your life better and that help you achieve your goals.

4. You know that there is no need to make intellectuals or sophisticated more than you are, because you know it’s arrogant to claim that you want things that only intelligent people want. You allow yourself to enjoy what interests you, no matter what reputation it has.

5. You know that you can enjoy life and move away from the world without feeling guilty about it. Do not punish yourself when you take the time for yourself.

6. Do not go out in front of people who have different views of yours. Even when you want to change something, it’s clear to you that not everyone will be on your side, and you can not do anything about it.

7. Do not force yourself to be better or more just to show how much you have helped others. When you donate something or when you help someone, do not flirt on social networks. When you help you do it out of love, no matter how small a work you’ve done. You do not feel guilty if you give less than anyone else.

8. You refrain from the reactions when you are angry. It’s not easy to provoke you as soon as you know that pain and suffering are inevitable and that from time to time there will be bad moments. You are more fortunate than your feelings and you can control your reactions.

9. You know that in order to be strong does not always mean to look like this. You know that vulnerability is a sign of courage and strength, because you are not afraid to show that you are still a human being and that you can suffer. You know that you are strong because in the past you have overcome problems that you have taken care of too much.

10. You know how to control your feelings and not act according to them, but according to your logic. Your strong intuition helps you determine which is the right decision, regardless of the situation you are in. You are aware that sometimes feelings can make you make hasty decisions, so stop it. You know which feelings are helpful and which can hurt you.

11. You know that you are the ones you are and the opinion and the labels of others do not form you as a person.

12. Whenever you lose a friend or a relationship, you know that the loss does not affect your value. You understand that this is a natural part of life.

13. Do not waste your time justifying your choices and actions before others. You do not feel obligated to explain to those who do not want to do what you do and why you do it. Simply move along the road that you created for yourself.

14. You set high standards and constantly improve your life. But you know that you can not change some features and are fully accepted as part of you. You know that your value is not determined by how well you pretend to be a person that others would like more.

15. You see your life as an upgrade to the person you are. You think about how far you have arrived, how much you have today, and how much you will have in the future. You are aware of your potential and you can create what you want.

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