12 signs that you are close to someone you know from a past life

12 Signs That You are Close to Someone You Know From a Past Life

Have you ever felt like you knew someone all your life even though you were seeing him for the first time in his life? You may recognize some people from your past life, and you are not aware of it. 12 signs that you are close to someone you know from a past life.

These may be former lovers, friends, foes, family members, or someone you hurt. Pay attention to a few details and you will recognize them.

1. Instant familiarity

When you first meet such a person, you start talking and you can’t stop, the threads emerge one after the other, as if you’ve known each other all your life. You felt very comfortable in the company of this stranger and you wanted to keep going. You are surprised at how much intimate things you say to him, and you usually do not do so with strangers.

2. Instant rejection

Even though you only met someone, you felt an immediate aversion to him, and no matter how much you try not to judge him until you know him better, your personality is very repulsive and negative. You may come across someone who has been an enemy to you or hurt you in the past.

3. You get restless

Every time you meet a person you feel “butterflies in your stomach”, not because of love but because of restlessness. This can happen even if you are in love with someone. You are intimate, yet you cannot relax at all, as if you were expecting something bad to happen.

4. You want the same things

You share the same passion for the same things with someone, you want the same food, you know the same foreign language or culture of a country, enjoy the same forms of relaxation and the like. It may be someone with whom you have shared happy moments in your past life. For example, you may have once lived together and socialized in a land that attracts you.

5. You complement yourself perfectly

You operate as a perfectly developed and lubricated system, without any interruptions and problems. For example, one begins a sentence and the other ends it because he knows exactly what you meant to say and you feel relaxed when you are together. You can also experience this with people you don’t know for a long time, like work colleagues.

6. You constantly feel someone’s anger

Socializing or getting to know someone may initially make no sense to you, because the person you meet is constantly complaining, no matter what you do, it is never good for her, it always acts as if you owe her something and you have to be her constantly. thankful. It may be someone you have had some unclear situations with in the past, without you or him knowing about it.

7. Feeling guilty

Do you feel like giving more than you get in return? You may have met a few hundred years earlier. When you are together, you always have a sense of guilt and how to try to redeem yourself, even though you know you have no guilt. Maybe your subconscious tells you that you have done something wrong to this person in the past life and now it is bothering you. In present life, it can be a spouse, a child, a colleague, a parent, a brother, a sister, and in the past that person may have been someone else, perhaps a neighbor or an enemy.

8. Feeling of fear

Have you ever been afraid of someone even though you have no specific reason for that? For example, look into someone’s eyes and suddenly feel an inexplicable fear and the need to distance yourself from that person. You may have met someone from a past life, someone you had a reason to be afraid of then.

9. Inappropriate sexual attraction

Such feelings occur to some individuals, such as a distant family member, someone who is much older or younger, to a married man, and so on. If you are experiencing inappropriate sexual attraction to someone, you are embarrassed by such feelings and do not understand them, there is a high chance that you have been a lover in the past.

10. Gender is not important

This happens to people who are gay. These individuals may have been in a loving relationship with their partner in the past, as a man and a woman, and in this life they met as two men and fell in love.

11. Telepathic connection

People who have been connected in the past as friends or lovers are often telepathically connected. For example, did you just think of someone and call you or just meet him on the street? Or before anyone tells you something you already know what it will be? Or you got a message, and you already know who it is and what it says.

12. You recognized those eyes

It is a characteristic characteristic of related souls. For example, you came across someone you didn’t know, looked him in the eyes, and felt like you had ever seen his eyes before, as if through them you were looking at the bottom of that person’s soul, and he was in your . Our bodies have changed throughout past and present lives, but our eyes remain the same.

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